Meet Charlotte St. George

The seductive first book in the St. George Sisters series from Evelyn K. Parrish that will have you laughing out loud.

Charlotte’s 32, in the middle of planning her wedding, launching a food blog, and trying not to lose herself in the process. She tells herself that she’s just stressed like any other bride… and that a girl’s trip to Maui is just want she needs to center herself and prepare for her big day.

For the past five years, she’s lived in a posh Boston condo with her fiancé… but lately they just don’t seem to click. Mark’s been more focused on work – and keeping up with his socialite friends.

Convinced she needs a little R&R, Mark sends Charlotte and her sister Chloe on a two-week getaway to Maui – all expenses paid.

While on her trip, Charlotte meets Benjamin Toussaint while on a diving excursion, and sure, he’s a drop-dead gorgeous baker, but actually striking up a conversation with him? Charlotte’s not so sure about that.

Charlotte successfully avoids any interaction with him—until they are paired together on a SNUBA excursion. The connection between Charlotte and Benjamin is undeniable. But he’s trying to heal from heartbreak, and she’s engaged to Mark.

With his still-healing wounds from the past and her promises to Mark, can Charlotte and Benjamin find a safe haven for love on the islands? Or is their fairy tale nothing more than an island fantasy?

MOCHI IN MAUI is the first book of the ST. GEORGE SISTERS series. This full-length romance is the perfect fusion of a contemporary romance and a witty rom com. Perfect for a cozy weekend reading at home, in a cabin, or on the beach.

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