Preorder Lattes in Laurel Creek

Fall in love with the heartwarming and hilarious sequel to Evelyn K. Parrish’s seductive Mochi in Maui.

Chloe’s 28, newly single, and the highlight of her day is taking her Goldendoodle, Gus, to the dog park. Although she was raised by entrepreneurs and the owners of a popular coffee franchise, Chloe St. George was never interested in the family business. Instead, she preferred to sell watercolor paintings. For the past three years, she’s earned her income as an elementary school art teacher and private art instuctor for rich families near the Seaport. But after a life-changing incident, her whole life is upside down. 

Desperate to start over, Chloe makes a deal with her stepmother – a deal that leads her straight to Laurel Creek, a small town three hours north of Boston. 

She sees Graham McKinney in line to get his latte every morning, and sure, he’s handsome. But can she risk a relationship with Laurel Creek’s hottest (and also very much taken) ski patroller? Graham is friendly, but Chloe tries to avoid him at all costs … until her growing attraction to him is hard to ignore.

The connection between Chloe and Graham is delicious. Between his busy work schedule and Chloe’s ever-changing deal with her stepmother, can they make time for their relationship?

LATTES IN LAUREL CREEK is the second book in the ST. GEORGE SISTERS series. This full-length romance is the perfect fusion of a contemporary romance and a witty rom com. Perfect for a cozy weekend reading at home, in a cabin, or on the beach.

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