Wedding Cake in Wisteria Hall

The third book in the St. George Sisters series from Evelyn K. Parrish. 

Elizabeth St. George is a charming socialite—and a world-class screenwriter. So it’s only natural that Elizabeth would troll her sister’s wedding looking for the next big scoop to use as inspiration for her writing. 

As a jaded cellist, Dorian Potter scoffs at weddings … which makes his side gig playing the cello at weddings somewhat ironic. But when his recently engaged friend begs him to play at a family wedding, Dorian reluctantly agrees.

When Elizabeth and Dorian first meet, they bicker over everything from which songs should be played to what Dorian should wear to the wedding. But when the big day comes and they share a piece of wedding cake, they find themselves bickering over something new: their growing attraction to each other. While Elizabeth is torn between her life as a semi-nomadic writer and her own feelings, Dorian suspects he might have been wrong about love after all…

WEDDING CAKE IN WISTERIA HALL is the third book of the ST. GEORGE SISTERS series. This full-length novel is a sweet and spicy culinary romantic comedy.

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